We offer and encourage individuals the opportunity to identify, address, and process issues which present challenging. We are aware life is a journey which each of us walk through and experience differently. As a result, we all deserve to be afforded with several opportunities to approach the many barriers as they present. Common barriers faced include but are not limited to: life adjustments, grief, trauma, crisis, relational issues, racial trauma, anxiety, depression, and/or behavioral issues. By utilizing the therapeutic process, individuals can gain perspective while utilizing a different lens, gain motivation, and work towards restoring and improvement of quality of life.

Assist families in improving overall functioning while gaining understanding of the family dynamics. Aim to improve and enhance communication, interactions, and resolution of conflicts.

Tailored to couples who are seeking to develop and restore a stronger foundation to improve the overall quality of the relationship. Couples are offered imperative tools needed to successfully approach relationship struggles and goals. Assistance with addressing and improving communication and conflict resolution will be available to create and foster a safe and healthy relationship.

All sessions are offered online allowing you to remain safe and comfortable in your own home. We are utilizing our HIPAA compliant platform which is compatible with smart phones, tablets, computers, and laptops to serve you effectively and efficiently.

Offering BIPOC services affording the opportunity to encounter a safe healing space. Clients will feel understood, respected, and heard as they are able to present and discuss relatable issue from an accepting and non-judgemental lens.